Here, we address common questions from our vibrant community. Our goal is to keep you informed and inspired on your journey with JUVEE Smilewear™. 

1. What is JUVEE Smilewear™? 
2. What is JUVEE Smilewear™ made of? 
3. Can I eat while wearing JUVEE Smilewear™? 
4. What about drinking? 
5. How do I know if JUVEE Smilewear™ is suitable for me? 
6. How do I clean my JUVEE Smilewear™? 
7. What is the recommended method of storing JUVEE Smilewear™? 
8. How do you scan in JUVEE app for the best results? 
9. How long does JUVEE Smilewear™ last? 
10. Can I wear JUVEE Smilewear™ with braces? 
11. What are the shipping details? 
12. What is your return policy? 
13. Where can I find more product information?